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Keeping your Cool, During Mercury Retrograde

You have probably heard the warnings:
1. Do not sign any contracts.
2. Do not buy anything significant especially technology

3. Beware of communication conflicts
4. Do not make big decisions
Beware of the sinister and diabolical Mercury Retrograde when it is in all of its full glory!
Truth is, Retrograde of any kind is coming whether you are prepared for it or not.

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Three Tips that can help you become Rich

There are many people around you today that complain that they do not have enough money. But even the rich people say that as there is no end to the desire for more wealth. This article aims to show you three ways that you can take action today to get rich.
Firstly, forex trading also known as currency trading represents one of the best ways to get rich today.

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Study Your Competition

Why It’s Important to Study Your Competition
With hundreds of thousands of websites, companies, and blogs, competition today is fierce – especially on the internet. The internet and most especially social media are responsible for creating waves of interest. With that in mind, it is important to know and study that competition fast and furiously.

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Sing Like Nobody is Listening

Life is a Song: Sing it Like Nobody is Listening
Every one of us is given the gift of life. Whether or not we live it to the fullest is our choice. We can have the gift of life, but in living it is how we give back. Life is a song, sing it like nobody is listening.

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Winter Blues

SAD and Winter Blues – An Explanation
Every winter thousands of people feel less joyful than they normally do. The degree to which they feel down varies widely. Some experience full-blown depression while others simply seem to have the blues. Most people assume they have SAD. This may not be true, however. The treatment for SAD and the winter blues is quite different.