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“If you hear a voice within you that says “You cannot paint” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced” ~Vincent van Gogh”

Procrastination, Fear and lack of Direction are the 3 main things that stop people from pursuing their purpose. Jasmine O’Day knows all too well how to identify your mental blocks that are hindering you and how to conquer them once and for all.

Jasmine O’Day is a Peak Performance Consultant, Life Strategist and Entrepreneur working with people around the world. Teaching them how to start and grow successful businesses according to their lifes intended path.

As a self made success story, Jasmine has blazed trails that she never knew she could. Why? Because she overcame fear and self doubt. By being innovative and tenacious and having an unmatched resilience, she has created a portfolio of businesses and investments in just a matter of  years that makes her an expert in her field.  Now she speaks about how to overcome fear, stop procrastinating and finding direction to people all over the world. Her coaching systems have helped people to build 6-7 figure companies, tackle mental blocks and find their purpose.

 “My mission is to inspire, mentor, motivate and guide others to live to their full potential. To empower others who may not have a clear understanding of their purpose is the main goal. The epitome of a business success story. My first business was started with less than $100 and I became a serial entrepreneur from there. My businesses range from a Janitorial service to a multi- million dollar Consulting company. Society says do it one way however, I was born breach and came out butt first and my butt backwards methods have made me the successful woman that I am today.”


“Being different and nonconforming can be great for success, because it proves who the true innovators are.” ~Jasmine O’Day



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