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Do not Pass on Passive Revenue Opportunities

The fact is that most people make money by working a job 40 to 60 hours a week. This is called generating active income. But what about generating passive income?
There are people who have figured out a way to create money without actively working all the time.
Although, generating passive income on the internet may seem like a pipe dream to most people, but it is not.

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Your Self-Discipline Is Your Greatest Gift

It seems tedious and often exhausting to consistently work on achieving your goal or goals.  And while it shouldn’t, it tends to feel like an obligation sometimes, especially when there are enticing alternatives to how you spend your time and effort.
Suppose your goal is to lose 20 pounds. You start your diet and you diligently put in your time at the gym.

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Creating Your Action Plan and Online Business Timeline

Most businesses start out with a dream and an inspiration, but that is where it ends. Even the most innovative businesses can wind up closing their doors because a good action plan and a focused timeline were not in place at conception.
There are many benefits to creating your action plan and online business timeline.

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You Find your Strengths when you Face your Weaknesses

What is the fight or flight syndrome? When our brain interprets a situation and tells us that we are in danger and we have two choices, either to stand and fight or to flee from danger, that is known as the fight or flight syndrome.
What does this have to do with our weaknesses? Well, when we take a good hard look at weaknesses, we may see fear underlying many of them.

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Keeping your Cool, During Mercury Retrograde

You have probably heard the warnings:
1. Do not sign any contracts.
2. Do not buy anything significant especially technology

3. Beware of communication conflicts
4. Do not make big decisions
Beware of the sinister and diabolical Mercury Retrograde when it is in all of its full glory!
Truth is, Retrograde of any kind is coming whether you are prepared for it or not.